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Who are we?

Scrubba Ducky is a professional cleaning company led by Kathryn Duckett based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Kathryn has had previous property management experience and extensive cleaning experience. With her help you'll be certain to pass your final inspection or keep your house in a clean state.


Regular Clean


Receive sparkle or full cleans as often as you require.

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One-off Clean


Moving in or out of your house/apartment?

Let us work our magic to clean up your place.

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Please note: Cleaning appliances (e.g. Ovens, Fridges etc.) will cost extra on top of the hourly charge.


Is your loved one looking to get a clean?
Are you wanting to help a client with some cleaning costs?

We offer vouchers which you can prepay for any kind of clean. Let us know and we can get a voucher prepared for you.